But you can’t find an easy path to write, publish and market a book?


With an experienced mentor by your side, and an entire academy full of supporting guides, you can start RIGHT AWAY, learning how to write and polish a bestselling nonfiction book …

At Business Author Academy, an Australian ‘remote’ business. 

We help nonfiction writers, who are leaders in their field, research and target a niche, develop a book, and have a marketing plan. By having support all along the way, there will be less chance of procrastinating, doubting, or simply giving up on your dream. 

7 Steps to Expert Author Success


As a specialist, if you want to attract opportunity and online income, there are certain steps to take:

  1. Form a personal brand, including a ‘look’ for it, a message, and values
  2. Target interested readers with a problem these people want solved (the niche positioning process) 
  3. Create a book worth sharing, with an editor expert
  4. Grow a social media presence, with image-rich content marketing
  5. Connect, with your personal blog or online course
  6. Write and reach the mass or custom media
  7. Partner or be affiliates of others

See the Author programs below.

Get on the knowledge fast-track as a supported member at Business Author Academy.

Book Writing Coach wizard

Pro Publishing Package

book writing mentor illustration

Book Writing Mentor


Schedule to keep on track

Organisation help of your content – blog, guides, podcast

1 or 2 writing mentoring sessions a month

Line editing and proofreading

Book cover design, interior design & artwork

Your eBook conversion and administration

Full royalties to you 

Bookmark design

Special access to all club resources

2 x tailored marketing sessions

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(Nonfiction: how to, self-help, tips, or handbook)

A set Schedule to write your book

Identify a Niche Position 

Outlining help; Referencing method

1-on-1 fortnightly calls with writing mentor

Developmental guidance (value: $1,500 – $2,250)

Special access to all club resources


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