Finding your feet with writing a non-fiction book… but seeking true author-publisher independence as you learn the ropes?

Rather than relying on self-publishing support companies that sometimes go broke or give very little value… do you want to write and publish a quality book in your own imprint, with independent support?

While writing, you can prepare yourself for selling more books. While working with Business Author Academy’s self-publishing experts and resources, you’ll learn to:

  • Create a book brand
  • Find out about an easy-to-set-up book website (your book sales hub)
  • Start your own email base of ‘raving fans’, using the free tools for inter-book promotion and intra-book sign-ups — rather than focussing only on Amazon
  • Get a marketing, brand and audience plan template
  • Learn about non-fiction writing — completely for free
  • Use self-publishing through pro-level printers like IngramSpark much easier.

Get on the fast-track as a supported member at Business Author Academy. Become an educated author through multi-media resources, group chats and optional coaching.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Use Thought Leadership Marketing

  1. It’s like a brick foundation for business. With a book, articles and videos/podcast, your net is cast wider than ever, highlighting your brand.
  2. Not only that, your message becomes clearer and stronger, obvious to your staff and partners.
  3. With this leadership and distinct message, your business is also lifted above the rest. That saves wasteful ‘brand advertising’. 
  4. Writing a book increases knowledge of your niche audience’s problems and informs all other marketing communications.
  5. Writing articles and a book that stands for something helps all types of media take you seriously. Thus equalling free publicity.
  6. Doing this with a focus means you’ll be leaving a clear knowledge legacy, which is fulfilling in many ways.
  7. Many people are attracted to those with a ‘why’ and a persona. This type of marketing engages with the hearts of people. Like also attracts like — consider Richard Brandson attracting a legion of business fans.

Power Marketing: An Aussie Guide to Business Growth explains more about creating thought leader marketing (authorship), written and published by Jennifer Lancaster.