These days, Amazon Kindle Print (KDP) claims to do everything: both convert and publish eBooks and convert and publish your print paperback.

However, never let an automatic system control the look of your new book: get a book designer on board. Or carefully read the guides and implement!

Amazon KDP Formatting Guide for eBooks (Goes to Amazon)

Print with Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle Print Publishing Guide

Minimum margins are not ideal margins. The ideal margin depends on what size your book will be, and how much white space it needs to look good. A book that is 8.5 x 5.5″ could be fine with 15 mm outside/18 mm inside margins. A photo-heavy, 12″ x 12″ coffee table book would look best with 25 mm margins.

Australians who can afford a designer are best to choose INGRAMSPARK to print their book and print on demand. ($65 for set-up, refunded on 50+ order). Because at times Amazon has made us pay full price for our own book and then the shipping!

Category Finder/Research Tool

Kindle Rocket is a research tool and category finder for serial authors who would like their books to rank better on Amazon. Nothing replaces marketing and a good sales blurb, so remember there are other factors at play.

–> About Kindle Rocket (US$97 lifetime access)

Set up an Exclusive Kindle Deal

After you have set up your ebook and had the same price point for the past 30 days (or part thereof if new) then you decide whether it is to be ‘exclusive’ to Amazon Kindle (KINDLE SELECT) — and eligible for 5-day promotions: free or countdown specials.

Note: you do need to promote this on your socials and email to get some interest! You can schedule a Facebook post in advance. Countdown deals may not be available in Australia’s pages, only .com or

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Set up Amazon Author Central

After publishing on Amazon and they have reviewed it as ‘published’, only then can you set up your Amazon Author Central: your biography and book feed.

Besides being good for followers, it also gives you sales data and allows for manual Editorial Reviews.