Put on your specs, plug in your earbuds and pull up a chair… 

We are so glad you entrusted Business Author Academy (BAA) to help you understand the basics of writing a book and self-publishing it. No matter where your writing skills are at now, they will develop.

With a little help from this membership, you will get to know:

  • what you are going to write about
  • how you are going to structure your book
  • how to position your book’s theme in the marketplace, and find ‘your people’
  • the limits and strengths of self-publishing, and
  • the correct order to do things in your own publishing schedule (a Word doc), and
  • thinking ahead to the book promotion stage
  • creative funding strategies 
  • book marketing helping tools 

You can also ask us anything in the closed Business Author Academy Facebook group.



What will you learn from writing this book?

One thing you’ll learn is creative entrepreneurialism and making consistent efforts towards a large goal. We talk about how to get started with planning this book.

Why Write a Book Audio:

This audio will help you see how you can overcome some of the common problems and prospect objections in servicing clients.

Important Downloads:

Some other questions that writers have about publishing are answered by Australian Writers Marketplace FAQs.


Grammar Helper

Sometimes we need a little help from an automated editing suggestion tool. This grammar tool can be used wherever you write. Try the free version before deciding whether to upgrade.

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