For most authors, marketing a book is the very hardest thing to do. While you could spend 7 hours a day building an author platform, most of us don’t have that kind of time!

So, we have some Guides, Templates — to help plan — and specific resources, where you can build your online presence.

Remember, focus your activity on where your key target audience hangs out.

Here is a rough idea to help you select the best two social media channels:

15-35 yo B2C, Fitness, Health, Lifestyle, Fashion — Instagram

20-70 yo B2C; local business — Facebook

25-65 yo B2B, Career Focus — LinkedIn

20-50 yo Home-based work; Blogs; Ecommerce — Pinterest

15-35 yo C2C; Freelancers — Reddit forums

Key: C2C = consumer to consumer; B2C = business to consumer; B2B = business to business. Ecommerce: stores or affiliate sites selling online

Social Listening and Checking Your Social Media

Also practice ‘social listening’: finding out what people are talking about (relative to your field). Two tools for this:

Zoho Social: a general social media scheduling tool
Google Alerts: set up with your newsworthy terms and brand names.

Do all social posting set up ONCE a week and check on followers comments.

I have Zoho Social (1 brand) and pay AU$183 per annum, inclusive GST.

Brand & Market Attraction: read first!

Marketing Action Plan Template

The alternative above is in Open Document format

Niche Marketing & Book Guide

Here is your free PDF. It is also available in print, naturally!

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