Posting in Facebook groups has so many rules! Plus, each group is based in a different country and has different themes for each day. We’ll try to update the list regularly!

Facebook Tip: ↓ (go down to) Manage Groups, to go to all your groups and see recommended.

American-based or Global FB Groups

American Bloggers & Creatives List (10) by CabinetofThoughts. Includes themes.

Ultimate Blog Challenge – blog every day and get group sharing going. Global.

Self-Publishing Community for Entrepreneurs

Rules: Support others with comments. Do not promote unless in the weekly Promotion thread (It’s pink). You can also share any good wins.

Author/Publisher/Editor/Book Readers – 42,000 members.

Australian FB Groups

Australian Self-Published Authors – discuss all aspects of writing and self-publishing, no advertising

Society of Women Writers – have meetings in Brisbane (no posting of book links, just share interesting things to writers)

Australian Writers Rock – engage only, no bare links. Use their page instead to post about a book promo: http://facebook.com/australianwritersrock

Women Embracing Business (also a Meetup in Brisbane) – #promotions day is Wednesday, #inspiration day is Thursday.

Consultants, Experts, and Thought Leaders Brains Trust – (3,200 members) – run by Renee H of Share Your Passion. Outside links are only allowed on #flauntit Friday – even if you aren’t selling something, including blogs and YouTube videos. Active members only.
#walkyourtalk #wideopen Monday – How are you walking your talk in your business and your life right now?
#brainstrust – use any day to get help.

Of course, join in our group at Business Author Academy.

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