1. GOODREADS:  The biggest book site (owned by Amazon, with lots of rules). Integrates with Kindle. Offers networking with friends, book challenges, book catalogue, giveaways and lists.

After setting up as an Author and reading the guide, then you can consider a giveaway in your country. Goodreads now charge $119 for giveaways. Give away only as many new books as you can afford to pay for. Review not guaranteed nor might it be good.

2. LIBRARYTHING:  One of the first book cataloguing sites, with over 2.2 million members. Networking, free book giveaways.

3. BOOK CROSSING:  A book sharing site. Leave a book post of yours there, and look up books you find.

4. LITSY:  Phone app only. An ‘Instagram for books’ (not as big though!).  Book reviews, book photos, social networking.

5. BOOKBUB: Known for eBook deals (free or .99 cents), the site has expanded to include author book recommendations and book cataloguing. List of Free Author Marketing Tools.

Reviews: Free Options

Books+Publishing publish reviews in industry newsletters destined for Australian library buyers, bookstores, and reviewers. Must apply 3 months prior to publication.

See this page: https://www.booksandpublishing.com.au/review-submissions/

Paid Options

BookLife Reviews. IngramSpark authors receive a special discount, saving US100.  Go only through this link here.

For US$299, get an honest and detailed 300-word review from BookLife Reviews, highlighting your book’s strengths and analyzing its potential for reaching an audience. (Click link).

BookBuzz + NetGalley Offer: Great for Global Audience

$150 US. See: http://bookbuzz.net/99-book-buzz-promo-net-galley-special/

This offer means your listing is checked online and the data is sent to 50 book reviewers, 100 bookstores, 3 PR sites, etc.

NetGalley is a place where book reviewers (trade or amateur) go to find pre-release books to read and blog/write about. 6000 reviewers.

IBPA Members can also access a US$199 listing (3 months) in NetGalley.

Note: ‘NetGalley direct’ pricing starts at $450.

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