This Podcast Guest potential list is primarily for Australian podcasts.

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Business Podcasts

Join Belinda Heit for courageous conversations with experts, thought leaders and business owners about smart practical strategies for women in small business.
Hot and Healthy in Business podcast

Busy Business Women podcast is about improving productivity and profit. Approach Faye H. Gerry through her BBW Facebook message.

Other Fields

Tourism Upgrade by Holly G. looks at tourism marketing trends – guests from all around the world. To contact, see the website Holly G.

BooksBusinessAbundance — author success podcast. American podcast, but may be good value to listen to.

Personal Life Podcasts

Good Tonic is a podcast about everyday people; their stories; lives, insights, triumphs & tragedies. By NZer Louise Roke. https://www.goodtonic.co.nz/good-tonic-podcast

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