Good Book Cover Designers

Try not to go to FIVERR to find a book cover designer. This is cheap but is not productive — three covers later, you still have the wrong size, look and DPI. (Dots Per Inch, which must be 300 DPI for print).

You can however do your own photography, as long as resulting shot is at least 2000 pixels wide, which means high resolution, and converted to CMYK. (This is done in Photoshop, and it is okay to use a freelancer for conversions).

I have used Heather Upchurch for book covers for a children’s book, health tips book, and prenatal yoga handbook.

For Cover Designs with four mock-ups and revisions, see:

Heather UpChurch – Art & Design Studios (Subject: New Design Proposal)…

Special prices for Business Author Academy clients!

Covers….. around US$150. ($195 AUD)
Interiors for non-fiction….. around US$350

Heather can assist you with putting the design onto the template, if you let her know first who you are printing with.

Packages, including: print and ebook cover, basic interior layout, 3D cover, choice of mobi or ePub, and a social media promo graphic…. US$500.

Australian Book Designers: Recommended

NGirl Design – Gold Coast, led by Narelle Urban. – has designed 200+ book covers. … Her team is very busy, so waiting is normal.

Nonfiction cover design from $220 – $330 incl GST and many revisions. (This price may have changed).

NGirl Design book design packages start from AU$990 (simple, 200 pp) to $2,200 (complex, long) — including ebook, cover, interior layout, stock photos, unlimited proofs, usually a 3D cover as well.

Tel Narelle: 0403 018 407

Independent Ink/Post Pre-Press Group – Brisbane team led by Ann Wilson – Independent Ink AND 07 3395 2022

Graham Abraham — great designer for history books. Uses InDesign and is extremely patient.

Studio: Kenmore, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
P: 07 3878 8840 Intl: 61 7 3878 8840
M: 0404 063705

Cover Art and File Artwork Specifications

Also at this stage, you may need to finalise your cover art files. This is done after the designer gives you the design. Or, they might be able to do it right on the template for you. Chances are, you will need to inform them.

Using IngramSpark and Need to get Final Artwork?

IngramSpark needs you to have 300 DPI and the file format PDFx1-2001 and rich blacks. This is the reason why newbies run away screaming! Never fear, good designers know how to get this done.

You can get a free barcode on your cover template if using IngramSpark. See

Using Amazon Yourself?

If using Amazon, you can use their time-wasting calculator for File Setup. Knowing about bleed is important.

D-I-Y Designers, also peruse Amazon’s file and cover setup guide:

eBook Creation – see the eBook section