Aspects to Consider

Work out Print-on-Demand Print Charges / Royalties

Pricing CalculatorBLURB – This is for cookbooks, coffee table books, high colour portfolios.

Print & Ship CalculatorIngramSpark – (estimates, prices do change)

Royalty CalculatorIngramSpark (55% is what retailers keep!)

For simpler publishing processes, some like Amazon. They give 60% of list price on titles sold on the Amazon Marketplace.

Amazon Print Royalty Calculator – Open XML spreadsheet.

Remembering that first-time self-publishers have to reach $100 in each Amazon territory in sales before being paid. Australians and NZers also need to do a tax form process to claim a tax treaty so their withholding tax is not 30%. How they calculate royalties is also useful.

Cover Art and File Artwork

Also at this stage, finalise your cover art files. This is done after the designer gives you the design. Or, they might be able to do it right on the template for you. Chances are, you will need to inform them.

Using IngramSpark and Need to get Final Artwork?

You can get a free barcode one your cover template if using IngramSpark.

See https://myaccount.ingramspark.com/Portal/Tools/CoverTemplateGenerator

Using Amazon Yourself?

If using Amazon, you can use their time-wasting calculator for File Setup. Knowing about bleed is important.


D-I-Y Designers, also peruse Amazon’s file and cover setup guide:


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