The first audio is on Structuring, and the second is on Self-editing, and third: ‘making your book interesting’ with stories.

Structuring (Audio) (9min)

Self-Editing Process

(3:50 min)

Making your Book Interesting (3min)

What are the Stages of Book Development?

BAA Book Development Stages (PDF).

Time for Research

Competitor and Comparative research is important, to give you an idea what books are selling, in which categories, and what angle they take.

Hop along to Amazon and search your genre’s categories to find bestsellers. See what ‘gap’ each hotly reviewed book filled.

You can see below an example of three categories this book ranks in — two of which are selected by the author!

If the book is traditionally published but not selling now, they might not show a selected category. A clue lies in this area:


Do a few ‘general term’ searches to see what comes up for particular niches, e.g. women’s health, mental health; the closest ones to your idea also contain the keywords you need to write down for later.

Do ‘Google Trends‘ comparison of 2-3 searchable topics you have in mind. Just start with the first term and then add more afterwards. This helps to see broader trends in searching, but is not the whole picture.

Researching Competing Titles on Amazon

Password: BAA_Amazon

Book Plan Template

This Book Plan is important aspect in planning your book, and where you write a Pitch, draft Synopsis, and Target Audience. Not only for pitching to agents, a book business plan can help you form a strategy for a successful indie book launch.

Plan with a Publishing Schedule

After researching, please fill in your full PUBLISHING SCHEDULE.

If you opt to use Jennifer as a writing coach, then you’ll get your own personalised one sent.

Transcribe your Thoughts

Remember to plan out content first. Brainstorm and mind map to get your content out, then start to order the work and trim the fat you don’t need for the thesis (book mission).

Transcribe 600 minutes/month free with AI tool:

Key learning: A transcription of your notes is not a book. Only good bones and editing will make it a book worth reading.

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