Put on your specs, plug in your earbuds and pull up a chair… 

We are so glad you entrusted Jennifer Lancaster and team to help you understand the basics of writing a book and self-publishing it. No matter where your writing skills are at now, they will develop.

With a little help from this membership, you will get to know:

  • what you are going to write about
  • how you are going to structure your book
  • how to position your book’s theme in the marketplace
  • the limits and strengths of self-publishing, and
  • the correct order to do things in your own publishing schedule (a Word doc), and
  • thinking ahead to the book promotion stage

You can also ask us anything here or in our writing coaching sessions, when we’ll be discussing topics like:  breaking through distractions, Amazon or website-run marketing, or when to get your cover designed.


What will you learn from writing this book?

One thing you’ll learn is entrepreneurialism and making consistent efforts towards a large goal.

Why Write a Book Audio:

There are many problems and objections to doing business. This download will help you see how you can overcome the objections of a prospective client.

Overcoming Problems Writing a book for business – PDF

The Pros and Cons of Self-Publishing – PDF

Some other questions that writers have about publishing are answered by Australian Writers Marketplace FAQs.

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