Publishing Checklist

This Publishing and Self-Publishing Production checklist is designed to keep the project on track and do things in order. Simply Download the Word (.docx) file to change as your own. It is usually openable by Mac or Windows.


For simple options, see Book Sizes and Distribution at Blurb (Ingram-accepted):

Libraries accept many sizes of books, but are generally not buying in book sizes less than A5 (148x 210 mm). A good trade size for business books is: 6″ x 9″ (15 x 23cm).


Registering ISBNs yourself at MyIdentifiers is a somewhat tricky process.

Some authors might sign up for a self-publishing production and distribution package and not realise that their pre-bought ISBN will not be used. Yes, that’s right, the self-publishing company will use an ISBN of their own and create a record, listing their imprint as the publisher.

Uploading to the print on demand sites (or quoting with printers), Amazon and/or an aggregator and dealing with artwork issues all takes much time. You also need an understanding of the detailed needs of the online retailers.

That’s where self-publishing coaching can save you heartache. The benefit of taking on your own ISBNs is it could be the catalyst for you starting to act like a publisher imprint, complete with a name, a logo, a slogan, and perhaps plans for a series. This can seem more professional to outsiders.

If you know the direction of what you want to do, but don’t have time to do it, you can hire an Author VA (virtual assistant) for around $30 an hour to help with the tedious administration and format troubles.

Nearly Ready for Book Layout Stage? Get your CIP

Did you know that Cataloging in Publication data application has changed?  It is now necessary for publishers and self-publishers to apply for a Republication Data registration online. There is no waiting around.

Then, if an Australian self-publisher, you go to NLA and download the statement to use in the Copyright page of your book. A free service, this National Library registration means your book title data will be available to libraries and library suppliers/aggregators and is fully categorised. APPLY HERE.

IngramSpark File Creation

If you choose to publish through IngramSpark, you should have an ABN and set up an account at IngramSpark Australia. If you want to advise your designer on the artwork specifications, or do it yourself in InDesign, download this guide:

Also see our IngramSpark instruction page on Member Videos

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