The first audio is on Structuring, and the second is on Self-editing, and bonus: ‘making your book interesting’ with stories.

Time for Research

Hop along to Amazon and search your genre’s sub-categories to find bestsellers. See what ‘gap’ each hotly reviewed book filled. You can do a few general term searches to see what comes up for particular niches; the closest ones to your idea are the keywords you need to write down for later.

Do ‘Google Trends‘ comparison of 2-3 searchable topics you have in mind. Just start with the first term and then add more afterwards. This helps to see broader trends in searching, but is not the whole picture.

Structuring (Audio) (9min)

Self-Editing Process

(3:50 min)

Making your Book Interesting (3min)

What are the Stages of Book Development?

BAA Book Development Stages(PDF).

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