Smashwords eBook Distribution Far and Wide

Smashwords is a free conversion and distribution service for eBooks. Using an aggregator is a time-saving necessity for self-published eBook authors, because who wants to spend all day uploading to ten websites?  Using Smashwords does take some technical know-how and a lot of patience. This post will help you understand the reasons people use Smashwords in the first place. But remember, you have choices: you don't have to use them!  (Draft2Digital is another option). Preformatting your eBook in Word While provided to help, the Smashwords Guide (120 pages) may have you in fits of frowning and moaning... particularly if your book in MS Word has many footnotes, a full Table of Contents, and images. This Guide is not up to date with my version of Word. I found out that it is a bit easier if you don't have Word on Mac, because in Word on PC, you can use the hyperlinking/bookmark tool I believe, while on Mac you have to individually make each…


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