These two book publishing packages support the needs of business people, enhancing their personal brand with a book. This work aims to package their ideas well, along with meeting high book industry standards. 

We use the POD supplier IngramSpark, and the imprint name is Power of Words. Power of Words has been putting out highly informative books since 2008 (2014 for others).

Access to Book Creation Success Club
and Marketing templates included.

We provide you with the personal support, publishing knowledge, and book design elements that will make your paperback an effective thought leadership book. 

Organisation of your content – e.g. a blog, good transcriptions – structural editing work (Content Wizard)
8 writing coaching sessions, including learning notes (Thoughtful Book Writer Program)


Publishing Schedule, to keep on track to your goal

Help in choosing a book title (it’s make or break)

Full print royalties to you — and wholesale price books — order in Australia
Receive 90% of all ebook royalties, for up to 5 years. 

ISBN and meta data all provided… 

Time Spent by Us

The Content Wizard

If you already have miles of content, then with our mentoring and editing, you will save a lot of time!
Our team time spent on book creation will be:

2 hours in planning the book, with your mentor

35 – 45 hours in editing round one

15 hours in editing round two

3 hours in admin of ISBN, Library Suppliers, Amazon

Project handover and 20 hours+ at the book designers

Time spent in ebook conversion & checking

1 – 2 hours in marketing session 

Client communication time and strategic advice


The Thoughtful Book Writer

If you want to write a book from scratch, but with our guidance, your time may involve:

  • 2 hrs planning time, which saves you time in restructuring
  • dictating + arranging work  OR
  • writing content 
  • a few hours looking up research data to draw from or using surveys. (Keep those citation references handy!)

Our time may be:

2-3 hours for every session (total 24 hrs)

40 hours in line editing and referencing 

Book Design, eBook making, and proofreading (as on left)

Client communication and project co-ordination

Publishing Support Items - if bought separately

Publishing Package Costs

Book Writing Coach wizard

The Content Wizard

AU $2,900
Planning with you, we help you structure your unique content, carefully design and produce a medium-sized book. (35,000-50,000 words)

Content Wizard Editing

Line editing and proofreading by Australian editor. Attach to above!

The Thoughtful Book Writer

AU $6,790
Write a researched book with a coach; then we edit it, design and produce it. This covers from 30,000 - 50,000 words. (Adjustable for longer works).

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