I’m a book writer, so of what use is keyword due diligence?

There are at least three online marketing activities that can benefit from keyword research and discovery. (Thanks, Bob Bly for these three).

The first is for search engine optimisation. Each
page on a website should be optimised for keywords relating
to its topic. These should be the keywords that get the most
search activity.

The found keyword can be popped in the title, headings (1,2), meta tags, and first paragraph/summary paragraph. It is not necessary to always use the same keyword all through the page; slight variations may also work well to add variety to the content. (e.g. picnics, picnickers)

The second online marketing activity related to keyword due
diligence is pay-per-click advertising. This means Google Ads and others, like Amazon ads. Even a good PPC ad will generate mediocre sales results if you bid on the wrong keywords.

The third keyword-related online marketing activity is
determining the feasibility of new products.

Search with BuzzSumo for content topics to write on. Get some ideas how to do this by viewing the video!

Search with WordTracker for the right keywords to use on Amazon or on Google (intended for a website). Instructions are on our page: Keyword Research: Books.

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