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The first thing a new writer does within my world is lean heavily on my editing skills. But this is not helpful to their progress, because learning about writing and grammar must come from other places too. Most of all, it must come from reading great writing. Some books hit you like a brick with the emotion, while others leave you cold. What are the differences? Read on and find out. Sometimes you'll learn techniques from doing a writer’s centre workshop or course. But there are other ways to learn that cost very little, including audiobooks. (Learn with nil extra time!) The fact is, an audiobook like “Writing Tools” by Roy Peter Clarke will help you consider many different techniques to enhance your writing power. It helped me, and I write non-fiction. Then it’s up to you to try some of these writing tips out on the page. Discover different techniques used in storytelling and speech-making, even if you’re writing self-help, memoir or other non-fiction. The ability to tell a story that puts the reader back in…

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Why You Should Finish Writing a Book #BucketList

There’s only so much time in your life. The other day, I worked out I may have 492 more months to live — if I live till 90. (That’s a big if). This wake-up call means for me: in 2020 I will be focussing on helping 100 authors to write, publish, and lift up their book.

It’s no good just having a daily to-do list. Will that inspire you and others? No! If you want to kick big goals, then you need to set your course for adventure…

If, like me, it comes easily to write, hurrah! You can outline and set about writing your book. But it doesn’t end there.

If writing for career/business expansion, you may need some help with the pitching and marketing steps. (There’s tools and resources for this in the club).

You need to be able to talk about your main messages clearly and to do this, it helps to input a system or methodology into your book. Otherwise it might end up a jumble of ideas — and people don’t need more ideas! Rather, they need simple systems to help their lives.


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