This is Mark.

He wants to flesh out his theories and ideas for his new consulting business.

(He's planning on leaving his corporate job. Ssh!)

Mark thinks a book would make for a great introduction, as well as help him to come up with an angle, a step-by-step system, or other point of difference.

But then he thinks:

How would I write and publish an entire book? That sounds tricky...

So he Googles 'Business Author Academy'

And finds, shock of shocks...  Business Author Academy

Wow! he thinks, a place to learn and be supported, and in Australia too. Great!

But do they really care about my needs and ideas?

Mark looks at the Thoughtful Book Writer Program - it sounds good.


1-to-1 Mentoring sessions (8) + expert editor assistance + all book design + eBook conversion + print production + marketing tool/session + 100% royalties A hassle-free experience = One happy writer.