Are you a business owner looking to reach more people with your book and blog?
Or are you a writer (or accidental celebrity) looking to write a book and market it? 

To do either of these, you need to build a loyal following. Writing and offering free content allows you to capture the approx. 95% of your niche target market who are interested but not yet convinced.

This is how most of us mere mortals build a following over time… so people will become interested in your book and fired up for your expert service. You can’t simply rely on pretty pictures and trite quotes to sell your book.

Besides writing four books and a manual, I have written 200+ online articles about self-publishing, marketing, and personal brand positioning. After helping a dozen authors with their books, I realised that most self-published authors (who desire eventual profits) are not reaching their audience potential. Their website was free to set-up but idle. They sell 95% of their books to immediate connections. Their media exposure is slow. Their brand is not there yet.

I know what it’s like to not know what to do about it.

So, Business Author Academy seeks to inform authors on their path to writing a book, promoting it, and garnering book exposure.

Business Author Academy is a brand of Power of Words, a business (ABN 805 544 508158) registered and operating under laws in the state of Queensland, Australia.

Yours in the publishing game,

Jennifer, the owner of BAA

Jennifer Lancaster


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